Vinyl Silicone Oil

Name: Vinyl silicone oil

CAS: 63148-62-9

Color: Colorless

Other Names: Polyvinyl methyl siloxane fluid

EINECS No.: 613-156-5

Vinyl Silicone Oil


What is vinyl silicone oil ?

Vinyl silicone oil mainly includes vinyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxane (Vi-PDMS) and vinyl-terminated polymethylvinylsiloxane (Vi-PMVS), and can provide products with different viscosities and vinyl content according to needs . Vinyl silicone oil can be divided into: terminal vinyl silicone oil and high vinyl silicone oil, which are the main raw materials for addition type liquid silicone rubber, silicone gel, etc.; modifiers for rubber compounds/plastic additives/reinforcing materials, etc.

Volatile: ≤1.5%(150℃*2hr)             

PH: 6-8

Viscosity (25℃, mpa.s) can be customized

Vinyl content (%) can be customized


Technical indicators of vinyl-terminated silicone oil:

Exterior Colorless transparent liquid, no mechanical impurities
Vinyl mol%
Volatile % ≤1.5
The above are typical indicators, the company can also customize various viscosity specifications of vinyl-terminated silicone oil according to customer requirements

Technical indicators of high vinyl silicone oil:

Exterior Colorless transparent liquid, no mechanical impurities
The above are typical indicators, the company can also customize high vinyl silicone oil with various viscosity specifications and vinyl content according to customer requirements


Application of vinyl silicone oil

  • 1. It is used as the base material for the production of high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (HTV), and is mixed with crosslinking agent, reinforcing agent, colorant, structure control agent, anti-aging agent, etc. to prepare high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber raw rubber.
  • 2. It is used to make liquid silicone rubber and is the main material of injection thermoforming silicone rubber;
  • 3. This product reacts with various organic materials such as polyurethane and acrylic acid, and can be made into new materials with better performance (weather resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance, enhanced toughness, etc.) important ingredient.)


Phenyl silicone oil Mainly used

Due to excellent performance, phenyl silicone oil can be applied to many areas of national life and production.

  • In the application field of methyl silicon oil, the use of methyl benzhenyl silicon oil can be used to use its specialties with low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, lubrication, and phase -soluble. Low phenyl silicon oil is particularly suitable for high -precision occasions; medium benzene and high benzene silicon oil have high heat stability, and good radiation resistance. The high -temperature lubricating fat made of carbon black, lithium soap or molybdenum sulfide can be used for high -temperature fan bearings, pearl bearing, automotive engine, textile dryer, etc.
  •  In addition, it is also widely used in hydraulic, instrumentation, electrical insulation, etc. Phenyl ethylene silicone oil and phenyl hydrogen -containing silicone oil can be used to prepare high temperature -resistant and spoke -resistant plus composite silicon rubber. The hydroxyl -sealing phenyl silicone oil as a fabric can significantly improve the smoothness and softness of the fabric, and give the fabric good hydrophobic refusal. The internal additives of plastic with good phase solubility with phenyl silicon oil can improve their processing performance.
  • The phase -soluble of methamphetamine and cosmetics components is better than methyl silicon oil. It is stable in heat and ultraviolet rays, and has a unique gloss. It is often used as additives such as skin care products and conditioner [. Silicon oil containing methyl benzene -based silicon oxygen chains can prepare colorless transparent products with moderate viscosity and moderate viscosity, and use its high light transparency, high refractive index, good thermal stability, radiation resistance and other characteristics. Make LED packaging material

Vinyl terminated silicone oil
It is a divinyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxane with stable product quality and low volatile content. It is the main raw material for addition-type liquid silicone rubber, silicone potting material, silicone gel, etc., and a modifier for mixing rubber. .

High vinyl silicone oil
It is a divinyl-terminated or methyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxane with vinyl in the middle segment. It has stable product quality, low volatile content, no yellowing and no cross-linking. It is the main raw material of addition type liquid silicone rubber, silicone potting compound, silicone gel, etc.; modifier of compound rubber; plastic additive, etc.

The dosage is 10%-20% when used as a diluent, 5%-10% when used as a modifier, and 50%-100% when used as a silicone rubber base. Add it directly or add it into the system with the help of high-speed stirring or strong stirring equipment to ensure uniform dispersion.

This product is a chemically active material. Impurities (especially catalysts) should not be mixed in during storage and transportation. When using or compatible, attention should be paid to whether other materials can trigger chemical reactions to prevent denaturation.


Package and storage

Package by 25kgs/50kgs/200kg drum.
It could be stored well for a long time by avoiding directly to contract with moist environment.

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