Titanium Dioxide SR2337 Pigment

Name: Titanium Dioxide SR2337

CAS: 13463-67-7

Type: TItanium dioxide pigment

Color: White

Other Names: TiO2 

EINECS No.: 236-675-5

Titanium Dioxide SR2337

Titanium Dioxide SR2337  has good gloss, good dispersibility, and has strong hiding power, tinting strength and good outdoor chalk resistance. It is white powder, insoluble in water, organic acid and weak inorganic acid, slightly soluble in alkali, can be completely dissolved by boiling in concentrated sulfuric acid and hydrofluoric acid for a long time, and also in saturated solution of potassium argon carbonate, with good coverage It has good pigment performance, high achromatic power and low oil absorption.


1.Main application

Titanium Dioxide SR2337  is Mainly used in indoor and outdoor coatings, latex paints, powder coatings, inks, primers, papermaking, rubber, plastics, masterbatches


2.Typical Properties

Name Titanium Dioxide SR2337
TiO2 Content (%≥  93
Brightness  (≥ 96
Bulk Density 1.1
Whiteness(%≥ 97.0
PH value 6.5-8.5
Oil absorption  (g/100g 22
Water soluble  (%≤ 0.5
crystal size 0.3
Content of rutile  (%≥ 98.0


3. Performance characteristics

Rutile Titanium Dioxide Tio2 SR2337 is a white inorganic pigment with non-toxic, optimal opacity, optimal whiteness and brightness. It is considered to be the best white pigment in the world.  

  • Titanium Dioxide SR2337   appearance is the average particle size shape, which is close to the best particle size range of titanium white powder. Its small diameter TiO2 is more effective than the large particle size, and therefore, Rutile TiO2 SR2337 has a bottom phase of other categories, as well as other categories that cannot match excellent whiteness performance.
  • Titanium Dioxide SR2337 has a relatively low oil absorption feature: Low oil absorption enables titanium dioxide to maintain good fluidity during the application of coatings and inks, reducing cost savings.

  • Rutile Titanium Dioxide Tio2 SR2337  has very excellent particle dispersion: which is a relatively special inorganic surface treatment and the handling of organic surfaces, which effectively reduces the mutual contact surface between TiO2 particles, which can make it very smooth performance during application. Excellent decentralized performance. This is highlighted, and it is easy to grind.

  • Rutile Titanium Dioxide Tio2 SR2337 has high weather resistance: it has high rutile content, complete lattice, sufficient filler, and sufficient zirconium-silicon-aluminum-phosphorus multi-inorganic coating and organic treatment, so it can ensure high weather resistance.
  • Rutile Titanium Dioxide Tio2 SR2337 has good dispersion: the special inorganic surface treatment and organic surface treatment reduce the contact between TiO2 particles, making it show good dispersion during application. Therefore, titanium dioxide has good wettability and is easy to grind.

4. Package and storage:
Titanium Dioxide SR2337 are package by 25kgs.
It could be stored well for a long time by avoiding directly to contract with moist environment.

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