Food Grade Titanium Dioxide

Name: Food Grade Titanium Dioxide

CAS: 1317-80-2

Type: Titanium dioxide for food

Color: White

Other Names: TiO2 

EINECS No.: 215-282-2

Food Grade Titanium Dioxide


Food Grade Titanium Dioxide Introduction

Edible titanium dioxide is commonly known as white pigment, which is the abbreviation of food grade titanium dioxide. It is a sharp titanium dioxide -type titanium dioxide, also known as food -grade titanium pink, or pharmaceutical -grade titanium pink. It is used as a color agent and food whitening agent. In order to facilitate scattered, it is also made into liquid shapes, which are widely used in the industry of pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics.

Here are some chemical name codes of titanium dioxide:
American Chemical Digestation Number CAS No. 13463-67-7
Molecular weight: 79.88
Molecular formula: TIO2
Color index color index: 77891
Color name color name: pigment white 6
In Europe, the white seed name is E171.


References For Food Grade Titanium Dioxide

Scope Maximum Usage
1. Cool fruits10g/kg
2. Cocoa products, chocolate and chocolate products (including chocolate and chocolate) and candy 2.0g/kg
3. Hard candy
4. Polishing candy Use in moderation according to production needs
5, glue -based candy 5.0g/kg
6. Candy chocolate products coating Use in moderation according to production needs
7. Decorative candy (such as craftsmanship, or for cake decoration), top decoration (non -fruit material) and sweet juice   5.0g/kg
8. Egg yolk sauce, salad sauce 5.0g/kg

10. Jelly


11. Fried snack food 10g/kg
12. Puffed food 10g/kg
13. Other (beverage turbid agent) 10g/L
14. Jam 5.0g/kg
15. Dried vegetables (only dehydrated potato) 0.5g/kg

16. Others (only grinding taro gel food)


17. Seasoning syrup



Food Grade Mainly used

  • Medicine: In the drug preparation, it can be used as a white coloring agent to prepare a thin -film coating mixing liquid, sugar wrap and gelatin capsule, or mixed with other colorants. It can be used for skin preparations. Extract agent.
  • Food: For candy coats, cool fruits, jelly, gum, no sweet dosage solid drinks and concentrated solid drinks, milk drinks, puffed foods. Honey (talk), jam, salad sauce, egg yolk sauce, etc. in foods that need to be white. Then, then, then
  • Cosmetics: foundation, powder, sunscreen, eye shadow, lipstick, lipstick, toothpaste, refreshing powder, gardenia powder, cream, white soap.

Liquid Food Grade Titanium Dioxide White Pigment

Original named pulp type) is a high -tech product developed after many years of research. The main component is food additive titanium dioxide, which is processed with different edible aids.

The product is constantly updated, and the product is the fourth and fifth generation.
The product of pulp type white series products is divided into type A, B, C type, D type, E type, F type, G, G, and H. Among them, the C type is a setting product, and the others are processed by adding different food aids for different users!

This series of products is fine and uniform, and good decentralization. Seeing water, it forms milk turbidity, does not precipitate, and collects for a year without layering and indifference.

 Package And Storage:
Titanium Dioxide are package by 25kgs.
It could be stored well for a long time by avoiding directly to contract with moist environment.

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