Rutile Titanium Dioxide Pigments R818

Name: Titanium Dioxide R818

CAS: 1317-80-2

Type: Rutile Titanium Dioxide

Color: White

Other Names: TiO2

EINECS No.: 215-282-2

Rutile Titanium Dioxide R818

Rutile titanium dioxide R818 is a generic titanium dioxide prepared through the sulfuric acid method and is a non-toxic, chemically stable white powder treated with a zirconium-aluminum coating by a special organic process. It has good whiteness, brightness, glossiness, and hiding power, and is achromatic, with good dispersibility and excellent weather-resistance and non-chalkiness.


1. Characteristics:

Titanium dioxide R818 series  is a general-purpose multi-purpose titanium dioxide pigment. The surface is treated with dense zirconium, aluminum inorganic coating and special organic treatment. It has high whiteness, high gloss, bluish background, fine particle size and narrow distribution, high ultraviolet absorption ability, excellent outdoor weather resistance, strong anti-powdering ability, excellent hiding power and achromatic power, good dispersibility and stability.

2. Typical Properties:

Model Number R818
Mass fraction of TiO2 % ≥ 94
Mass fraction of volatile matter at 105℃ % ≤
Mass fraction of water solubles % ≤ 0.5
Mass fraction of sieve residue (45μm) % ≤ 0.050
Color (compared to standard)
not lower than
Achromatic power (compared with standard sample) % ≥ 112
pH of aqueous suspension 6.5-8.5
Oil absorption g/100g ≤ 22
Water extract resistivity Ωm ≥
Mass fraction of volatiles at 105°C after pretreatment at (23±2)°C and relative humidity (50±5)% for 24h % ≤
Rutile conversion rate % ≥ 98.5
Average particle diameter μm 0.20-0.26

3. Recommended application:
PVC piping, paper making, coatings, plastics, rubber, and master batches

4. Package:
 25 kg paper-plastic bag; large 500 kg or 1,000 kg bags.

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