Titanium Dioxide Tio2 HTA120

Name: Titanium Dioxide Tio2 HTA120

CAS: 1317-80-2

Type: TItanium dioxide powder

Color: White

Other Names: TiO2 

EINECS No.: 257-372-4

Titanium Dioxide Tio2 HTA120

Titanium Dioxide Tio2 HTA120  has good gloss, good dispersibility, and has strong hiding power, tinting power and good outdoor chalk resistance. Titanium Dioxide Tio2 HTA120 is white powder, insoluble in water, organic acid and weak inorganic acid, slightly soluble in alkali, can be completely dissolved by boiling in concentrated sulfuric acid and hydrofluoric acid for a long time, and also soluble in saturated solution of potassium argon carbonate. Good hiding power and excellent pigment performance, high achromatic power and low oil absorption.


1.Main application

Titanium Dioxide Tio2 HTA120  is suitable for high-end fields such as high-grade interior wall latex paint, ink, papermaking, rubber, etc., as well as general fields such as coatings, plastics, and paints.


2.Typical Properties

Name TItanium Dioxide Tio2 HTA120
TiO2 Content (%≥  98.5
Brightness  (≥ 99
Achromatic power (compared with standard sample)(≥% 105
105℃ Volatile (%≤ 0.5
PH value 6.8~8.0
Oil absorption  (g/100g 20
Water extract resistivity Ω·m(> 22
Sieve residue (45um mesh)(%≤ 0.05
Iron content PPm(%≤ 50



Titanium Dioxide Tio2 HTA120   has white appearance, good gloss, blue phase, soft and uniform particles, narrow particle size distribution, good dispersibility, high achromatic power, high scattering coefficient, low oil absorption, and low iron content and other impurities.
Appearance: white powder

  • High covering force:When the hiding force refers to the ability of the pigment in the coating, the pigment in the coating can cover the base color of the coating material, so that the substrate of the subject cannot be revealed by the coating.
  • High gloss:Gloss refers to the reflection capability of the material on refraction, the stronger the ability to reflect, the greater the gloss.

4. Package and storage:
Titanium Dioxide Tio2 HTA120  are package by 25kgs.
It could be stored well for a long time by avoiding directly to contract with moist environment.

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