Orange Pigment 13

Name: Orange Pigment 13

CAS: 15793-73-4

Type: organic pigments

Color: Orange

Other Names: organic pigments

EINECS No.: 213-561-3

Orange Pigment 13


Orange Pigment 13 Introduction 

Permanent Orange G, red light orange powder, density 1.31-1. bfl}}c. Melting point 322-323;. It appears blue-red in concentrated sulfuric acid, and turns into red-orange precipitate after dilution. It turns brown-red when exposed to concentrated nitric acid. Moderate baking stability.


Pigment Orange application:

Permanent Orange 13 is light, soft and delicate, with excellent temperature resistance, weather resistance, vulcanization resistance, migration resistance and good water resistance. It is resistant to vulcanization and migration in natural rubber, so it is suitable for rubber coloring; it is resistant to detergents and has good water resistance, and is used for coloring swimming items, sponges, viscose fiber pulp, packaging printing inks and metal decorative paints, and it is heat-resistant ( 200℃/10min) is suitable for powder coatings.


Orange Pigment Typical Properties

Name Orange Pigment
Density(g/m3) 1.4
Product Features High Strength
Bleeding(1-5) 4
Light(1-8) 6
PH value 6.0-7.0
Oil absorption  (g/100g 40-50
Heat(Celsius) 180
Acid(1-5) 4



Product Advantages:

  • High Intensity,full hue: Create artistic colors Embrace nature 
  • Environmentally friendly: Safe, environmentally friendliy, non-toxic,preserving gloss and color.
  • High temperature resistance: Stable migration, high drying performance.

Package and storage
It is package by 25kgs.
It could be stored well for a long time by avoiding directly to contract with moist environment.

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