Citric acid monohydrate

Name: Citric acid monohydrate

CAS: 5949-29-1

Type: Acidity Regulatorss

Color: White

Other Names: Citric Acid

EINECS No.: 221-095-7

Citric acid monohydrate

Citric Acid is mainly used as flavoring agent, preservative and antistaling agent in food and beverage industry. It also can be used as antioxidant, plasticizer, detergent in chemical, cosmetics and detergent industries. As a food additive, It is an essential food ingredient in our food supply. As a leading food additives and food ingredients supplier in China.

It is a large acid among organic acids. Due to its physical properties, chemical properties, and properties of derivatives, it is an important organic acid widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical and other industries. The products are used in the food industry because It has a mild and refreshing sour taste. It is widely used in the manufacture of various beverages, soda drinks, wine, candies, snacks, biscuits, canned juices, dairy products and other foods. Among all organic acid markets, citric acid accounts for more than 70% of the market.

So far, there is no sour agent that can replace it. One molecule of crystallized water is mainly used as an acidic flavoring agent in refreshing drinks, juices, jams, fruit candies and canned food, etc.

It can also be used as an antioxidant in edible oils. At the same time, it improves the sensory properties of food, enhances appetite and promotes the digestion and absorption of calcium and phosphorus substances in the body. Anhydrous citric acid is used extensively in solid beverages. Salts of it such as calcium citrate and ferric citrate are fortifiers that require the addition of calcium ions and iron ions in certain foods. Citric acid esters such as triethyl citrate can be used as non-toxic plasticizers to manufacture plastic films for food packaging and are sour agents in the beverage and food industries.



1.Main application

  • Widely used in all kinds of drinks, soft drinks, wine, candy, snacks, biscuits, canned fruit juices, dairy products, also can be used as a cooking oil antioxidants. Anhydrous citric acid used in solid drinks a lot.
  • It is a good rock mixture, Can be used for testing the acid resistance of ceramic tile of architectural pottery reagents.
  • It and sodium citrate buffer used for flue gas desulfurization.
  • It is a kind of fruit acid, can be used to accelerate the cutin renewal, commonly used in lotions, creams, shampoo, whitening, anti-aging products, acne products.
  • It is an important organic acid, containing citric acid monohydrate and anhydrous citric acid.Because of its mild and refreshing acidity.


2.Typical Properties

Name Citric acid monohydrate
Appearance Colorless or white crystals or powder, odorless and tastes sour
Light Transmittance (%) ≥ 95.0
Moisture (%) 7.5-9.0
Readily Carbonisablle Substance ≤ 0.05
Sulphated Ash (%) ≤0.05
Chloride (%) ≤ 0.005
Arsenic (mg/kg) ≤ 1
Oxalate (%) ≤ 0.01
Lead ≤0.5ppm
Endotoxin of Germ ≤0.5IU/Mg
Tridodecylamine ≤0.1ppm
Iron ≤5ppm


3. Package and storage:

It is package in 25kg multilayer paper bags.
It could be stored well for a long time by avoiding directly to contract with moist environment.

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