Rutile Titanium Dioxide R-5569 Pigment

Name: TItanium Dioxide R-5569

CAS: 1317-80-2

Type: TItanium dioxide powder

Color: White

Other Names: TiO2 

EINECS No.: 215-282-2

Rutile Titanium Dioxide R-5569

Titanium dioxide R-5569 is a high-grade golden-red titanium-type titanium white powder designed for the ink field. Advanced particle size control technology and unique zirconium, aluminum-inorganic envelope process, the product has excellent dispersibility, good whiteness, strong hiding power, low oil absorption, can be applied to ink, coating and other fields.


1.Main application

Rutile titanium dioxide R-5569 is mainly used for coatings, inks, etc. Can also be used in plastic coloring. At the same time, it is used in polyolefins, PVC, ABS, PS, etc., profiles, sheets, pipes, can also be used in leather leather traces, oily paints.


2.Typical Properties

Name Titanium Dioxide R-5569
TiO2 Content (%≥  94
Brightness  (≥ 96
Scattering power 1950
105℃ Volatile (%≤ 0.4
PH value 7.2
Oil absorption  (g/100g 18
45µm Sieve residue  (%≤   0.01
Specific resistance  (Ωm≥  165
Content of rutile  (%≥ 99.7



Excellent dispersibility, excellent whiteness / brightness, high gloss, high covering force, high weather resistance, good leveling.

  • Dispersibility: TiO2 R-5569 adopts advanced particle size control, university and inorganic, organic treatment process, which gives titanium dioxide R-5569 with better dispersion properties.
  • Excellent whiteness and blue bottom phase of  TiO2 R-5569: TiO2 R-5569 adopts unique bughus and particle size control technology, the pigment particle impurity content is low, small particle size and uniform, and more effective scatter blue light, Therefore, TiO2 R-5569 has excellent whiteness and a blue bottom phase.
  • High covering force: Titanium dioxide R-5569 adopts advanced particle size control, university, small particle, distributed concentration, there is a good scattering effect, so TiO2 R-5569 has a high hiding force.
  • Highly Wandering: TiO2 R-5569 has a high rutile content, the lattice is complete; the advanced dense and inorganic membrane process has high weather resistance.

4. Package and storage:
Titanium dioxide R-5569 are package by 25kgs.
It could be stored well for a long time by avoiding directly to contract with moist environment.

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