Titanium Dioxide R-5566 Pigment

Name: TItanium Dioxide R-5566

CAS: 1317-80-2

Type: TItanium dioxide powder

Color: White

Other Names: TiO2 

EINECS No.: 215-282-2

Rutile Titanium Dioxide R-5566

Titanium powder R-5566, zirconium, aluminum inorganic surface treatment, golden red-type titanium white pigment treated with organic surface, with high gloss, high elimination, high resistance, good dispersibility, etc.



Combined with sulfuric acid-based golden stone titanium white powder production quality control, collective inorganic envelope, organic treatment, salt treatment, calcination control, hydrolysis and product application, etc., using advanced color phase and particle size control, zirconium aluminum phosphorus Inorganic envelope and new organic treatment technology.

The melting point of the rutile type titanium dioxide is 1850 ° C, the melting point in the air is (1830 ± 15) ° C, the melting point in the oxygen is 1879 ° C, and the melting point is related to the purity of titanium dioxide. The boiling point of the rutile type titanium dioxide is (3200 ± 300) ° C, which is slightly volatile at the high temperature.

2.Typical Properties:

Name Titanium Dioxide R-5566
TiO2 Content (%≥  94
Brightness  (≥ 95
Scattering power 2010
Moisture (%≤ 0.3
PH value 8.2
Oil absorption  (g/100g 21
25µm Sieve residue  (%≤   0.010 
Specific resistance  (Ωm≥  233
Content of rutile  (%≥ 98.3

3.Recommended application:

Titanium dioxide R-5566 can be widely used in indoor and outdoor coatings, latex paints, powder coatings, inks, papermaking, titanium dioxide R-5566 rubber, plastics, master powder.

  • The thickness of the ink industrial ink is very thin, and the white ink and light-colored inks are generally used in order to produce higher white hiding power and high transparency. This year’s usage is about 5,000 tons, mainly imported rutile type. 08,000 tons were estimated next year.
  • Coatings industrial coating is divided into industrial coatings (including coatings such as automobile home appliances) and architectural coatings. With the development of my country’s construction and automotive industries, there is an increase in the demand for titanium white powder, in 2000, my country’s coating demand is about More than 2 million tons, titanium powder take 120,000 tons, expected to reach 14-15 million tons next year, but mainly in rutile type.
  • Most plastic industries currently use titanium powder with titanium powder, with an addition amount of about 2%. Especially in plastic profiles, the construction industry has increased rapidly in the construction industry, and 99 years and this year’s dosage are around 15,000 tons. It is estimated that a total of 30,000 tons of titanium white powder in the plastic industry will be estimated next year.
  • Rubber industrial titanium white powder is mainly used in high-grade rubber shoes and white tires. Domestic rubber shoes manufacturers, due to the low product grade, less use, mainly some joint ventures in coastal areas. This year’s usage is about 0.7 million tons, and it is estimated that 10,000 tons will be taken next year.
  • The paper industry The worldwide papermaking industry needs a large amount of titanium white powder every year, but the paper quality produced by my country’s paper mill is low, so there is a lot of anatase titanium white powder. Just is used in lamination, decorative paper and dictionary paper. This year, its dosage is 6,000 tons, and if the proportion of high-end paper in China is increased or large paper mills, it is estimated by 8,000 tons next year.

4. Package and storage:
Titanium dioxide R-5566 are package by 25kgs.
It could be stored well for a long time by avoiding directly to contract with moist environment.

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