About the weather resistance of titanium dioxide

the weather resistance of titanium dioxide

 The weather resistance of titanium dioxide


The weather resistance of titanium dioxide is the most important performance in its application performance index, and the weather resistance index we usually call is composed of several aspects such as light resistance, gloss retention, and chalk resistance. What is the weather resistance of titanium dioxide?

The most important role of titanium dioxide in the industry is to use its opaque properties to be dispersed into the medium, so as to achieve masking effect.

titanium dioxide hiding power


1.The weather resistance of titanium dioxide: introduction

The weather resistance of titanium dioxide, which is eroded by white powder and white powder under sunlight, can resist the whitening of this white powder.Corrosion, and change, loss of light and loss of light.

Because some systems of Duojia chemistry are affected by strong radiation or affect the viability of typical white light changes or structural changes occur. The change process of powder weather resistance and color loss and whitening all involve chemical reactions. In the reaction, the change of white light will produce these changes, or even the pigment itself has chemical changes.

Titanium dioxide itself is a very photochemically active substance. When exposed to sunlight in the presence of moisture, the oxygen ions on its lattice will lose two electrons and become oxygen atoms. This new ecological oxygen has strong activity, causing the oxidation of organic substances in the coating film causes chain scission and degradation of the polymer organic matter, which causes the coating film to powder, lose light, yellow and discolor, resulting in reduced weather resistance.

Whether it is produced by the hydrolysis and calcination process of sulfuric acid method or the gas-phase oxidation process of chlorination method, titanium dioxide has some lattice defects, namely Schottky defects, and there are many photoactivation points on the surface of its particles, which will accelerate Its photochemical reaction, thereby triggering the free radical bond reaction and destroying the organic medium such as the coating film


2.The weather resistance of titanium dioxide: characteristic


Chalking is due to the increasing separation of organic binders from the surface of the paint film, leaving behind air-exposed titanium dioxide and some build-up agent particles, since these particles are white, give a powdery pulverized appearance.

This change will result in a change in color and loss of gloss retreat, the continuous damage of the base material of the coating will lead to loss of gloss, and gloss retention under the influence of climate is very important. If the binder is severely damaged, the pigment loosens and chalking occurs, which is defined as the pigment or filler particles that ensue when the binder is destroyed.

Photostabilization is a raw material property, a change in resistance to changes caused by Earth’s radiation, which may be in adaptation to light and coatings that can affect the chemical action of the coatings and cause them to lose their luster and discoloration, and are generally sensitive to light and climate. Resistance resides in the chemical nature of the pigment.

composition, structure, defects, shape and size of luminescence, and concentration, etc. These are also related to what the pigments are used for, weatherability testing in the atmosphere, accelerated testing, and chemical testing methods.

3.The weather resistance of titanium dioxide: Influence


The effect of titanium dioxide on weather resistance is as follows:

1. The ability of titanium dioxide to absorb ultraviolet light The resin will degrade when it absorbs ultraviolet light. The correct choice of titanium dioxide can effectively resist ultraviolet light.

2. The shape of titanium dioxide particles The flat particles have a strong orientation effect, which is parallel to the surface of the coating film, which reduces the water and gas permeability of the coating film and is conducive to improving the weather resistance.

3. The smaller the particle size of titanium dioxide, the larger the surface area and the higher the UV absorption rate.

4.Active groups of titanium dioxide There are many active groups on the surface of titanium dioxide (such as surface hydroxyl groups, adsorbed unstable anions and water molecules, etc.), which can chemically react with the base material, and may also be a catalyst for the aging of the base material ( Such as TiO2 photo-induced redox effect).

For example, there is a wide range of surface acid-base reactions in pigments and fillers, and surface valence ions (such as aluminum, iron ions and other transition metal ions) can also undergo electrotransfer reactions, which change the color of pigments in color pigments. Chalking, yellowing, etc. will occur in pigments and fillers.

Antifouling Whether it is man-made or natural, the latex paint on the wall will be polluted by various pollutants, such as sweat, ink, dust, sludge, etc., and these pollutants are very easy to penetrate into the interior of the latex paint, even if Washing with water or detergent cannot be thoroughly cleaned, causing damage to the coating and affecting the appearance of the coating.

The main function of latex paint is decoration. When the surface coating is polluted, it means that the service life of the coating is greatly shortened. To get rid of these stains, the stains had to be sanded down and a second coat of paint was done. Sometimes the entire wall must be repainted in order to maintain color consistency throughout the wall.

It takes a lot of time and wastes paint costs. How to improve the stain resistance of latex coatings is very important. This has also become one of the factors that consumers need to consider when purchasing latex paint.


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