Сколько стоит доставка диоксида титана из Китая?

Shipping cost of titanium dioxide per ton

How much is the shipping cost of titanium dioxide per ton?


Shipping cost of titanium dioxide

As the price of диоксид титана falls, the purchase volume is also increasing,Now the shipping cost of titanium dioxide has become a major problem for many buyers, Has the sea freight of titanium dioxide dropped?

The freight of titanium dioxide is mainly divided into two types, one is sea freight and the other is land freight, choose the appropriate shipping method according to different addresses.

Generally, European and American countries and Africa are all transported by sea. In the first half of 2022, the TiO2 freight for a 20′ container is more than $8,000. 40′ container more than 10000USD. Santos small container titanium dioxide freight is usd8200/20GP, the shipping cost of titanium dioxide per ton is about 350USD.

Sea freight in the Middle East will be relatively lower, For example, in the port of Mersin in Turkey, the freight of titanium dioxide for a container is 5500USD. To the port of Abbas in Iran, the TiO2 freight is lower, only 2500USD.

The top five container shipping giants control a total shipping capacity of 16.9 million TEUs, accounting for 64.2% of global shipping capacity.

MSC overtook Maersk as the largest container shipping line last January, knocking the Danish company from the top spot it had held for decades.

Currently, MSC’s total shipping capacity is 4.6 million TEUs, accounting for 17.5% of the world’s total shipping capacity. MSC’s fleet consists of 714 vessels – 413 (2 million TEU capacity) of which are owned and 301 (2.5 million TEU) chartered.

MSC’s order book represents 37.6% of its existing fleet, which totals 124 vessels with a total capacity of 1.7 million TEU.

Maersk, ranked second, has a total shipping capacity of 4.23 million TEUs, accounting for 16.1% of the global total shipping capacity. Its fleet includes 707 ships, of which 345 (2.5 million TEU) are owned and 362 (1.7 million TEU) are chartered.

According to Alphaliner, Maersk has only 31 ships on order with a capacity of 376,400 TEU, accounting for 8.9% of its existing capacity.

CMA CGM ranks third with a total capacity of 595 ships and 3.4 million TEUs, which is 12.9% of the world’s total container capacity. The French company has ordered 81 ships with a capacity of 689,300 passengers, or 20% of its existing capacity.

COSCO Shipping Group ranked fourth with 2.87 million TEUs (accounting for 10.9% of the world’s shipping capacity), and Hapag-Lloyd ranked fifth with 1.78 million TEUs (accounting for 6.8% of the world’s shipping capacity).


Actual calculation of sea freight of titanium dioxide per ton

International shipping is a common mode of transportation for foreign trade. It should be noted that the shipping cost is calculated in cubic meters, not per ton. Since the shipping price keeps changing, it is impossible to give a definite price.

The calculation method of international shipping freight is divided into containers and bulk cargo. Containers are divided into FCL and LCL. FCL is divided into 20-foot container, 40-foot container, and 20-foot high container. Bulk cargo is different. There are coastal and inland shipping costs are not the same.

1. Calculation of LCL fees
LCL freight calculation only needs to use the “W/M” method, W means weight ton, according to the gross weight of the product 1000kg = 1 weight ton; M means size ton, 1 cubic meter = 1 size ton. The “W/M” method is to choose the largest charge in the weight ton and the size ton.

2. Calculation of FCL freight
FCL container freight calculation, one is the same as LCL, calculated according to the actual weight ton, the other is according to the type of container
Calculate shipping.
When a container is shipped as a full container and the container is owned by the shipping company, the carrier calculates the ocean freight with the provisions of “minimum utilization rate of container” and “maximum utilization rate of container”.

3. Calculation of shipping costs for lost containers
When the weight ton or volume ton of the goods loaded in the container does not meet the minimum standard and the container is not fully utilized, the owner needs to pay the freight for the lost container, and the owner needs to make up the difference between the specified minimum billable ton and the actual number of loaded goods.



Generally, the greater the quantity of goods ordered, the cheaper the TiO2 freight per ton, and the smaller the quantity of titanium dioxide ordered, the more expensive the freight per ton is. This is true regardless of sea freight or land freight.

When it comes to sea freight, sea freight is generally divided into two types. One is the sea freight asked by the buyer, which is FOB. The buyer should contact him himself. The shipping agent will communicate the TiO2 freight quotation directly with the buyer. This method requires the buyer to deliver the goods. The port informs the supplier and the supplier ships according to the designated location.

The other method is for the supplier to contact the TiO2 freight forwarder to inquire about the freight, which is CIF. This method is the most convenient and worry-free for the buyer. Our supplier will directly contact the professional logistics company we cooperate with to deliver the goods directly to your country. The port will purchase cargo insurance for you and send you all customs clearance information. You only need to pick up the goods at the port.
It is also a full container. The freight per ton of titanium dioxide is cheap, while the freight per ton for bulk cargo is relatively expensive.

If you want to buy titanium dioxide recently, but don’t know where to find a shipping agent and the shipping cost per ton of titanium dioxide. Please contact me. We are a professional titanium dioxide company and have several cooperative logistics companies. We can provide good quality products, and we will also provide you with the cheapest sea freight and delivery guarantee.

The specific sea freight per ton will be updated every week or two weeks. If you have purchase plans recently, please do not hesitate to contact me, FOB price or CIF price, I can make a quotation for you.

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