Copper phthalocyanine blue: The alias is pigment blue 15

Name : Copper phthalocyanine/ Phthalocyanine blue

Alias:Vat blue 15:3 / Pigment Blue 15 / Phthalocyanine blue B / C.I. Pigment Blue 15 / Copper Phthalocyanine(II)

Chemical formula: C32H16CuN8

CAS number : 147-14-8

EINECS  number: 205-685-1

Copper phthalocyanine blue


Phthalocyanine blue is an organic substance with the chemical formula C32H16CuN8. It is a bright green blue rod-shaped crystal. It is flammable and insoluble in water, alcohol and hydrocarbons. It is soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid and presents an olive-colored solution. After dilution, a blue suspension precipitates.

Phthalonitrile is heated in sodium pentoxide medium at 125°C to generate sodium phthalocyanine, which is dried and then treated with methanol at 10°C to transform into metal-free phthalocyanine. It is used for coloring automobile paints and art pigments, and is also used as some high-end metal-free colorants.


Name Phthalocyanine blue
English name Copper phthalocyanine blue B
Chemical formula  C32H16CuN8
Melting point 600 ℃
Density  1.31 g/cm³
Molecular weight  576.069
Surface area  36~52m2/g
Oil absorption  ≤45±5 ml/l00g
Heat resistance 200℃
Color light Red light blue


Phthalocyanine blue physical properties

Appearance: bright blue crystal. There are two crystal forms, α and β. Type β is more stable.

Solubility: Insoluble in water and organic solvents.

This product is bright blue powder. Bright color and strong tinting power. Insoluble in water and organic solvents. It has excellent properties and does not produce crystal growth in non-polar solvents, so it can be used in coatings.

China’s national standard for pigments, GB3182-82, was resubmitted for approval in 1995 as GB/T3182-1995. It also uses color classification. Each pigment color has a symbol, such as white for BA, red for HO, and yellow for HU. The code and serial number of the chemical structure, and the model of the pigment, such as rutile titanium white BA-01-03, medium chromium yellow HU-02-02, iron oxide HO-01-01, zinc barium white BA-11-01, Aniline red HO and 2-01, phthalocyanine blue BGS LA-61-02, etc.

Phthalocyanine blue Chemical Properties

Combustible, the fire emits pungent and irritating smoke containing copper and nitrogen oxides.

Generally not hazardous to water, do not discharge material into the surrounding environment without government permission.

Applications of Phthalocyanine blue

  • Mainly used for coloring inks, coatings, plastics, rubber and cultural and educational supplies.
  •  Used in various solvent-based paints, plastic inks, gravure printing inks, and quick printing inks.
  • Stable β-type green light blue, good dispersion and high hiding power, used in alkyd resin paint.
  •  Used for coloring ink, paint, plastic, rubber, paint paste and synthetic fiber pulp.
  •  Unstable α-type red light blue, strong tinting power, can be used in latex and water-based coatings.
  • Used to make peacock blue ink, used for coloring alkyd paint, etc., and also used for coloring plastic products, cultural and educational supplies, etc.
  • Used for coloring paint, spray paint, ink, plastic, and rubber.
  •  Mainly used for ink, iron printing ink, paint, painting watercolor, oil paint and paint printing, as well as the coloring of rubber products and plastic products.
  •  It is the main variety of blue pigments and is mainly used as colorant in adhesives. The particle size for practical application is generally 0.01~0.1μm, and a particle refinement process must be carried out. The purpose of pigmentation processing is to change the crystal form and reduce the crystal particles.  Methods include acid treatment and salt grinding. Mainly used in the ink industry to manufacture peacock blue ink, which is the main variety of four-color plate printing ink. In the coatings industry, it is used in the manufacture of alkyd enamels, amino baking varnishes, nitrocellulose lacquers and the coloring of clear lacquers. It is also used for coloring plastics, rubber, cultural and educational supplies, linoleum and paint printing, etc.
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