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Chrome yellow price

Inorganic pigments chrome yellow price 


What is chrome yellow ?

Chrome yellow, also known as lead chromate, chemical formula: PbCrO4, yellow monoclinic crystal. An inorganic compound, soluble in alkali and inorganic acids, insoluble in water and insoluble in oils. Mainly used in paint, ink, plastic, rubber and other industries.  The color of PbCrO4 pigment mainly depends on the lead chromate component. At the same time, many of its defects are also attributed to the inherent characteristics of the lead chromate component, including sensitivity to acids and bases, discoloration when exposed to sulfides, and exposure to light or high temperatures. darken.

Chinese name: Pigment Yellow 34
Chinese alias: C.I. Pigment Yellow 34; Chrome Yellow; Paris Yellow; Coron Yellow; Lead Chrome Yellow; Lead Chromate
English name:leadsulfochromateyellow
English alias:C.I.77603;C.I.Pigmentyellow34;C.I.77600;LIGHTCHROMEYELLOW;MEDIUMCHROMEYELLOW
Molecular formula:PbCrO4
Molecular weight:323.19

Appearance and properties: yellow or orange-yellow powder.
Solubility: soluble in alkali and inorganic acids, insoluble in water and insoluble in oils.
Main uses: used for making paints, inks, watercolors, and pigments, and also for coloring colored paper, rubber, and plastic products.

Chemical activity
Stability: stable
Aggregation Hazards: No Aggregation
Conditions to avoid contact:
Contraindications: Flammable or combustible materials.
Combustion (decomposition) products: lead oxide, chromium oxide.

Chemical activity
Stability: stable
Aggregation Hazards: No Aggregation
Conditions to avoid contact:
Contraindications: Flammable or combustible materials.
Combustion (decomposition) products: lead oxide, chromium oxide.




Uses of chrome yellow
1. Used as raw material for oily and synthetic resin coatings, printing inks, watercolors, oil colors, and pigments. It is also used as a coloring agent for colored paper, rubber and plastic products. It is widely used in industries such as coatings, rubber, plastics, ceramics and pigments.

2. Mainly used in coatings, plastics and inks that require high light resistance, as a yellow pigment with suitable price and performance.

3. Used as analytical reagents. It can also be used as yellow pigment, oxidant, etc.


The difference between chromium yellow and other pigments

Pigment Yellow 34 is neutral lead chromate, a very beautiful slightly warm color, and non-toxic. Lead chromate produced according to different production methods can range from the lightest lemon yellow, light yellow, medium yellow, dark yellow to orange. The chromium yellows sold on the market are all filled with chromium color, such as medium chromium yellow.

Chromium yellow has strong covering power, is opaque and dries quickly. Its stability changes significantly with the depth of its color. The darker the color, the more durable it is. Light chromium yellow will darken when heated or aged, so Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” and other works The chromium yellow in oil paintings was originally far less magical than it is now, but bright and dazzling. The stability of chromium yellow and common blue will be improved after mixing, but chromium yellow cannot be mixed with sulfur colors, and it will easily become dark and black after mixing. Chromium yellow cannot be mixed with lead white. Chromium yellow is rarely seen on the market this century.


Chrome yellow price

Chromium yellow is an important chemical raw material widely used in electroplating, coatings, paints, plastics and other fields. However, the price of chromium yellow has fluctuated dramatically in recent years, and people can’t help but want to understand the reasons.

First of all, the supply and demand situation in the chromium yellow market is one of the main factors affecting price fluctuations. As the domestic market demand for chromium yellow increases and the supply is relatively stable, the price will naturally rise. But when demand decreases, excess supply causes prices to fall.

Secondly, the international market price is also one of the important factors affecting the price fluctuation of chromium yellow. Although China’s chrome yellow production volume is large, many products still need to be imported. Therefore, price fluctuations in the international market will also have a greater impact on the domestic price of chromium yellow.

In addition, policy changes may also cause chrome yellow price fluctuations. Government measures may promote or restrict the production and circulation of chrome yellow, thereby affecting the price of chrome yellow. For example, the implementation of environmental protection policies may cause some small chrome yellow companies to be unable to produce normally, which will affect market supply and lead to fluctuations in chrome yellow prices.

Finally, market competition is also a factor affecting the price fluctuation of chromium yellow. If some chromium yellow production companies expand their scale or introduce new technologies, they may improve production efficiency and reduce costs, and may compete at low prices, which will increase market supply and lead to a fall in chromium yellow prices.

To sum up, there are many reasons for the price fluctuation of chromium yellow, including market supply and demand conditions, international market prices, policy changes, market competition and other factors. Therefore, paying attention to these factors is of great significance for accurately predicting chrome yellow price trends and risks.


Usually the price of chrome yellow per kilogram is between 24 and 35 yuan, and the price changes according to changes in raw materials and international situations. If you have purchase needs and want to know the latest chrome yellow price, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.


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