Name: Lithopone

CAS: 1345-05-7

Cor branca

Other Names: Lithopone powder 

EINECS No.: 215-715-5


Lithopone is a white crystalline powder. It is a mixture of zinc sulfide and barium sulfate. The more zinc sulfide it contains, the stronger the hiding power and the higher the quality. Density 4.136~4.34 g/cm3, insoluble in water. It easily decomposes when exposed to acid to produce hydrogen sulfide gas, but does not work when exposed to hydrogen sulfide and alkaline solutions.

It turns into light gray after being exposed to ultraviolet rays in the sun for 6 to 7 hours, but it still returns to its original color when placed in a dark place. It is easy to oxidize in the air and will agglomerate and deteriorate when exposed to moisture.

Its whiteness and hiding power are stronger than zinc oxide, and its refractive index and opacity exceed zinc oxide and lead oxide.

1.Aplicativo principal

It is widely used into paints, coating, print ink, paper industry, plastic, synthetic fiber, textile, printing and dyeing,PVC pipe, Master batch etc and it is designed as an multifunction application used white pigment.

2. Propriedades típicas

Nome Lithopone
Aparência white powder
Zinc content 28~30%
The sum of zinc sulfide & barium 99%min
Zinc oxide 0.6%max
Whiteness 98min
Water soluble matter 0.5%max
Residue on sieve mesh 65um 0.1%max


3. Pacote e armazenamento:

It is package in 25kg  bags.
Pode ser armazenado bem por um longo tempo, evitando diretamente contrair com o ambiente úmido.

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