Iron Oxide Black Pigments 330

Name: Iron oxide Black

CAS: 1309-38-2

Type: Iron Oxide

Color: Black

Other Names: Iron Pigment Black

EINECS No.: 235-442-5

Iron Oxide Black 330

Iron oxide Black  Iron oxide black pigment is a black powder, widely used in the coloring of building materials, coatings, paints, rubber, plastics, etc., with stable color, strong tinting strength and reliable quality.


1. Characteristics:
Iron oxide black is a natural iron oxide pigment processed from natural magnetite. Its main component is Fes (>a, usually Pei) with a content of 83%-94}, light gray-black, with a density of 4.9-5-9g/rm-; Mohs hardness of 5.5-6.5.  the refractive index is no 2.44. The particle size is 325 mesh 99.93h. Natural iron oxide black has excellent light resistance.

2. Typical Properties:

Model Number 330
Mixed acid method Nitric acid method
Iron content, expressed as Fe3O4 (dried at 105℃),%(m/m) ≤
Volatile matter at 105℃,%(m/m) ≤ 1.0
Water soluble,%(m/m) ≤ 0.3
Water-soluble oxides and salts, represented by C1 and SO1,%(m/m) ≤
Sieve residue (63um mesh), %(m/m) ≤ 0.3
Ph of water extract, ml≤ 20
PH of water suspension 7
Oil absorption, g/100g
 Lead chromate
Total calcium content, expressed in CaO, % (m/m) ≤ 0.3
Color (ratio with standard sample) 95

3. Recommended application:
Used in many types of paints, including antirust paint, water-soluble indoor/outdoor paints and oil-based paints.

  •  Specially made pure ferric oxide is used as raw material for recording tapes and telecommunication equipment.
  •  Natural magnetite is the raw material for iron making.
  •  for the system primer and topcoat.
  • Ferric oxide is the main raw material for the production of iron catalyst (a catalyst).
  • It has great hardness and can be used as abrasive. It has been widely used in the field of automobile braking, such as: brake pads, brake shoes, etc.
  •  Ferric oxide has been recognized in the domestic welding material field, and the production of welding rods and wires is still in its infancy, and the market prospect is very broad.
  •  Because of its large specific gravity and strong magnetic properties, ferric oxide has shown good performance in sewage treatment.
  • Ferric oxide can also be used as pigment and polishing agent.Used for Coloring of paints, cement parts, architectural surfaces, plastics, rubber.

4. Package and storage:
Iron oxide yellow 313 are package by 25kgs.
It could be stored well for a long time by avoiding directly to contract with moist environment.

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