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مصنع هيدروكسي إيثيل السليلوز

مصنع هيدروكسي إيثيل السليلوز


Hydroxyethylcellulose (hec thickener), chemical formula (C2H6O2)n, is a white or light yellow, odorless, non-toxic fibrous or powdery solid, composed of alkaline cellulose and ethylene oxide (or chlorohydrin) Prepared through etherification reaction, it is a non-ionic soluble cellulose ether.

Hydroxyethylcellulose fatory: Natrosol has some characteristics

  • Natrosol is soluble in hot or cold water and does not precipitate at high temperatures or boiling, giving it a wide range of solubility and viscosity properties, as well as non-thermal gelling properties.
  • Natrosol is nonionic and can coexist with a wide range of other water-soluble polymers, surfactants, and salts. It is an excellent colloidal thickener for solutions containing high-concentration dielectrics.
  • The water-holding capacity of natrosol is twice that of methylcellulose, and it has better flow regulation.
  • Natrosol’s water retention capacity is twice that of methylcellulose and has better flow regulation.

Hydroxyethylcellulose factory  : Natrosol’s Chemical industry applications

هيدروكسي ميثيل Natrosol is generally used as a thickener, protective agent, adhesive, stabilizer and additive for preparing emulsions, jelly, ointments, lotions, eye cleansers, suppositories and tablets.Hec thickener is also used as a hydrophilic gel. Glue, matrix material, preparation of matrix-type sustained-release preparations, and can also be used as a stabilizer in food. 

  • Natrosol is generally used as a thickener, protective agent, adhesive, stabilizer and additive for preparing emulsions, jelly, ointments, lotions, eye cleansers, suppositories and tablets. It is also used as hydrophilic gels and matrix materials. , prepare matrix-type sustained-release preparations, and can also be used as a stabilizer in food.
  • It is used as sizing agent in the textile industry and as bonding, thickening, emulsifying, stabilizing and other additives in the electronics and light industry sectors.
  • It is used as a thickener and fluid loss agent in water-based drilling fluids and completion fluids, and has obvious thickening effect in salt water drilling fluids. It can also be used as a fluid loss reducer for oil well cement. Can be cross-linked with multivalent metal ions to form a gel.
  • This product is used as a dispersant for water-based gel fracturing fluid for petroleum extraction through fracturing methods, and as a dispersant for polymers such as polystyrene and polyvinyl chloride. It can also be used as latex thickener in the paint industry, hygroscopic resistor in the electronics industry, cement retardant and moisture retaining agent in the construction industry. Ceramic industry glazing and toothpaste adhesives. It is also widely used in printing and dyeing, textile, papermaking, medicine, health, food, cigarettes, pesticides and fire extinguishing agents.
  • It can be used as surfactant, colloid protective agent, emulsion stabilizer for emulsions such as vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate, as well as tackifier, dispersant and dispersion stabilizer for latex. Widely used in coatings, fibers, dyeing, papermaking, cosmetics, medicine, pesticides, etc. It also has many uses in oil exploration and machinery industries.
  • Hydroxyethyl cellulose has surface activity, thickening, suspension, adhesion, emulsification, film formation, dispersion, water retention and protection in pharmaceutical solid and liquid preparations.
  • It is used to mine petroleum water-based gel fracturing fluids, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene and other polymeric dispersants. It can also be used as a latex thickening agent in the paint industry, a cement retardant and moisture retaining agent in the construction industry, a glaze agent and a toothpaste adhesive in the ceramic industry. It is also widely used in industrial fields such as printing and dyeing, textile, papermaking, medicine, health, food, cigarettes and pesticides.

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Hydroxyethylcellulose supplier: Note on usage

Since the surface-treated hydroxyethyl cellulose is powder or cellulose solid, it is easy to operate and dissolve it in dissolved water as long as the following matters are paid attention to.

  • Before and after adding hydroxyethyl cellulose, it must be stirred continuously until the solution is completely transparent and clear.
  • It must be slowly sieved into the mixing barrel. Do not add large amounts or directly add the hydroxyethyl cellulose that has formed into blocks or balls into the mixing barrel.
  • The water temperature and pH value in the water have a significant relationship with the dissolution of hydroxyethyl cellulose, so special attention must be paid to it.
  • Never add some alkaline substances to the mixture before the hydroxyethyl cellulose powder is warmed by water. Raising the pH value after it has warmed up will help dissolve it.
  • To the extent possible, add antifungal agents as early as possible.
  • When using high-viscosity hydroxyethyl cellulose, the concentration of the mother liquor should not be higher than 2.5-3%, otherwise the mother liquor will be difficult to operate. Post-processed hydroxyethyl cellulose is generally not easy to form lumps or spheres, nor will it form insoluble spherical colloids after adding water.


Hydroxyethylcellulose manufacturer : Instruction

Add directly during production:

1. Add clean water to a large bucket equipped with a high-speed mixer.
2. ابدأ بالتحريك بسرعة منخفضة ثم قم بنخل الهيدروكسي إيثيل السليلوز ببطء بالتساوي في المحلول.
3. Continue stirring until all particles are wet.
4. Then add antifungal agents, alkaline additives such as pigments, dispersing aids, and ammonia.
5. Stir until all the hydroxyethyl cellulose is completely dissolved (the viscosity of the solution increases significantly) before adding other components in the formula and grind until the finished product is achieved.
Equipped with mother liquor for later use.

This method is to first prepare a mother liquor with a higher concentration and then add it to the latex paint. The advantage of this method is that it has greater flexibility and can be added directly to the finished paint, but it should be properly stored. The steps are similar to steps 1-4 in Method 1, except that it is not necessary to stir at high speed until it is completely dissolved into a viscous solution.

Served as porridge-like phenology

Since organic solvents are poor solvents for hydroxyethyl cellulose, these organic solvents can be used to prepare porridge. The most commonly used organic solvents are organic liquids in paint formulations such as ethylene glycol, propylene glycol and film-forming agents (such as ethylene glycol or diethylene glycol butyl acetate). Ice water is also a poor solvent, so ice water is often used together with organic liquids to prepare porridge. The hydroxyethyl cellulose in the form of porridge can be added directly to the paint.

When it is in the form of porridge, the hydroxyethyl cellulose has been soaked and swollen. When added to paint, it immediately dissolves and acts as a thickener. After adding, stir continuously until the hydroxyethyl cellulose is completely dissolved and uniform. Generally, porridge is made by mixing six parts of organic solvent or ice water with one part of hydroxyethyl cellulose. After about 6-30 minutes, the hydroxyethyl cellulose will hydrolyze and swell obviously. In summer, the water temperature is generally too high, so it is not suitable to prepare porridge.



As an professional Hydroxyethylcellulose supplier, جينان هونغتشيوان صناعة التيتانيوم المحدودة is located in Jinan, a beautiful spring city. The company’s scientific research personnel sincerely cooperate with well-known domestic universities and various titanium dioxide production enterprises to study and produce active Hydroxyethylcellulose with great concentration. Some of its products have been widely used in chemical, textile, paper, plastic, paint and other production fields.


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