Usages of Iron Oxide Pigment in Colored Cement Road Bricks

iron oxide pigment for cement

Usages of Iron Oxide Pigment in Colored Cement Road Bricks


At present, some iron oxide pigments on the market, such as iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide black and other pigments, are often used on colored cement floor tiles. Bricks have iron oxide pigments in them. Blind bricks are generally yellow, and iron oxide yellow is used. In some places, bricks of green, gray, cyan and other colors may be used. These use iron oxide green or phthalocyanine green. These are the common bricks in municipal engineering at present.


Color cement floor tiles are mainly divided into fabric layer and structural layer. The main production materials of the structural layer include: cement, medium sand, crushed stone or stone chips below 15mm; the main raw materials of the fabric layer include: cement medium sand, pigments and various fabrics (Various fabrics are added according to specific needs, such as brighteners, white stone rice, etc.), and the pigments are mainly made of iron oxide red, yellow, green, black and blue lights. The slurry is coated on the surface of the brick, so the advantage is to save Pigments to reduce costs.


 1.  In the mixing of raw materials in the early stage, cement, crushed stone, medium sand and other materials should be uniformly mixed by a forced concrete mixer.

2. Fabric layer, although the needs of customers for fabric layer may be different. But the formula and operation process are basically the same, cement, pigment, medium sand, etc. are necessary. If the customer wants the brick surface to be brighter, materials such as brightener can be added. Pressing or pouring through the road brick equipment, and then coating the slurry.

3.Whether it is colored concrete, road bricks or other bricks, there are certain technical requirements for water permeability, ratio and strength.


However, with the dyeing technology used in chemical coloring engineering, there are many other uses. Listen to what the iron oxide red manufacturer (Great Spring)has to say. In some places on the concrete panel, the dye may not have a chemical reaction with the concrete during coloring, and it can be used at this time. Dyeing techniques intensify the colors in these areas, and touch-ups accentuate them. Add visual texture and depth to concrete or cemented surfaces.


Characteristics of Iron Oxide Pigment  for Cement Products

  1. Acid resistance

Iron oxide pigments have acid-resistant physical properties, so materials colored with iron oxide pigments can be used in acidic environments without worrying about fading in acidic environments.


  1. Alkali resistance

Iron oxide pigments are not only resistant to acid but also alkali, so they can be used to color cement walls in building decoration. Iron oxide materials will not react with the walls.


  1. Lightfastness

Many pigments will be decomposed under light, and iron oxide pigments have lightfast properties, so there will be no change in color and lustre when exposed to sunlight, and there will be no fading phenomenon.


  1. Water resistance

Pigments are easily soluble in water and are diluted by water. The iron oxide pigment is not only insoluble in water, but also has a protective film on the surface to prevent the intrusion of water.


  1. Heat resistance

Chemical and physical properties, unstable substances are usually decomposed at high temperatures, but the chemical properties of iron oxide pigments are very stable and can still maintain the original color at high temperatures.

Iron oxide series pigments are widely used in the field of building materials due to their excellent outdoor weather resistance, alkali resistance and pure color. Pedestrian bricks, road bricks, colored concrete, colored asphalt, colored tiles, square bricks, blind road bricks, all kinds of bricks and other types of floor tiles are colored with iron oxide pigments, not afraid of light, not afraid of people stepping on, and the color can be maintained for a long time Bright and bright.


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