Top 5 titanium dioxide manufacturer in China

titanium dioxide manufacturer

Top 5 titanium dioxide manufacturer in China


Titanium dioxide is not unfamiliar to those involved in the chemical industry. Titanium dioxide is currently the highest-quality white pigment in the world, mainly used in plastics, coatings, paper, ink, chemical fiber, cosmetics and other industries. So what are the top five brands of titanium dioxide in China with good reputation? Let’s take a look.

According to brand evaluation and sales, the top five brands of titanium dioxide in 2022 were selected. The top five are Lomon, Panzhihua, Yuxing, CNNC Huayuan (CHTI)and Billions. If you are looking for a good brand of titanium dioxide, then this list of the top five brands of titanium dioxide can be used as a reference for your purchase. We are committed to recommending the titanium dioxide brand with the best reputation and the most real user data, so that you can choose with confidence.


Titanium dioxide manufacturer: Lomon 

Reasons for listing: Sichuan Lomon Group Co., Ltd., a well-known brand of titanium dioxide, a famous trademark in Sichuan, a famous brand in Sichuan, a state-recognized enterprise technology center, one of the largest titanium dioxide manufacturers in China, phosphorous chemical, titanium chemical, biochemical It is a large-scale private enterprise group integrating the comprehensive development and utilization of vanadium titanomagnetite.

Main products are titanium dioxide LR-982, titanium dioxide LR-108, titanium dioxide LR-996, LR-895 and other products.


R-996 titanium dioxide, white powder, insoluble in water, non-physiological toxicity, chemically stable, with excellent weather resistance and anti-powdering ability.

Rutile titanium dioxide R-996, white powder, insoluble in water, non-physiological toxicity, stable chemical properties, surface coated with silicon, aluminum, zirconium and organic treatment has excellent pigment performance, whiteness, brightness, good gloss; Strong hiding power, achromatic power and fluidity Rutile titanium dioxide, white powder, insoluble in water, non-physiological toxicity, stable chemical properties, excellent pigment performance after the surface is coated with silicon, aluminum, zirconium and organically treated, whiteness , Brightness, good gloss, hiding power, achromatic power and fluidity are strong, with excellent weather resistance and anti-powder properties.

Titanium dioxide R-996 is mainly used in powder coatings, water-based and solvent-based external coatings, high-grade color masterbatches, plastics, rubber, inks, high-grade paper and wax paper and leather upholstery fabrics, cosmetics, suitable for high-grade interior coatings, high-solid paints, Road marking paints, marine paints and inks, and also used in the plastics, rubber, paper and leather industries.


R-895 is a paint grade titanium dioxide pigment produced by the chlorination process. Recommended for use in a variety of coating applications.

R-895 pigment has good dispersing properties and can be easily and quickly dispersed into the binder solvent.

It is opaque and glossy, and provides bright whiteness with blue undertones.

With a specially designed inorganic surface coating treatment, R-895 excels in weather resistance, making it flexible for use in various indoor and outdoor applications.


Titanium dioxide manufacturer: Panzhihua Dongfang

Panzhihua Dongfang Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. Dongfang, a well-known brand of titanium dioxide, a famous brand in Sichuan, a high-tech enterprise, a large supplier of titanium dioxide and titanium sponge, and one of the largest/leading titanium raw material production bases in China.

This TiO2 manufacturer mainly produces R5566, R5567, R5568, R5569 and other series products, which are used in coatings, plastics, papermaking, ink and other fields.


Titanium dioxide R-5566, a rutile titanium dioxide pigment treated with zirconium and aluminum inorganic surface and organic surface, has the characteristics of high whiteness, high gloss, high achromatic power, high weather resistance, and good dispersibility.

Titanium dioxide R-5566 can be widely used in indoor and outdoor coatings, latex paints, powder coatings, inks, papermaking, rubber, plastics, masterbatches.


Dongfang Titanium Industry R-5568 titanium dioxide with zinc salt stabilizer, zirconium, aluminum, silicon coating. It has the characteristics of high blue phase, easy dispersion, high weather resistance, high hiding power, low oil absorption, good system compatibility, and excellent processing rheology. It is a high-quality titanium dioxide for plastics. Dongfang Titanium R-5568 titanium dioxide is recommended to be widely used in polyolefin, PVC, ABS, PS and other color masterbatches, profiles, plates and pipes, and can also be used in leather color paste, oily paint and other industries.


Panzhihua Dongfang TiO2 manufacturer has 28 patents related to titanium dioxide production by sulfuric acid method, 3 research results, and 5 registered trademarks. Excellent quality, excellent covering power, excellent system dispersion, good whiteness, high brightness, and low oil absorption. The company’s products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions in the world, and the export ratio is nearly 40%. It is the second largest exporter in Panzhihua City after Panzhihua Iron and Steel. Top 50, Sichuan Enterprise Technology Center, Panzhihua Municipal Government “Advanced Foreign Trade Export Enterprise” and other titles


Titanium dioxide manufacturer: Yuxing

Jinan Yuxing Chemical Co., Ltd. Affiliated to China National Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd., it is a tertiary company under China National Chemical Corporation, the largest comprehensive chemical manufacturer in China. It is also one of the most modern manufacturers of sulfuric acid titanium dioxide manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific region. This TiO2 factory has more than 50 years of experience in the development and manufacture of titanium dioxide, and the “Shengsheng” brand titanium dioxide is well-known at home and abroad.

The company has a wide variety of products, mainly including rutile titanium dioxide R818, R838, R868, R878, covering profiles, also have anatase TiO2 A1. Soft plastics and masterbatches, flat coatings, high-gloss coatings, water-based coatings, oil-based coatings, rubber, powder coatings, papermaking and other special fields, its products have been known in the market for their excellent whiteness and brightness, good hiding power and tinting power, stable application performance, and stable product quality and supply capacity.


Jinan Yuxing Rutile Titanium Dioxide R-818 is a rutile titanium dioxide pigment coated with inorganic silicon aluminum and organic surface treatment. It has good gloss and hiding power, high weather resistance and good dispersibility.
Scope of application: plastic steel profiles, coil paint, powder coatings, rubber, masterbatch, etc.


Titanium dioxide A1 adopts good oxidation process, composite inorganic coating and organic treatment, and has the characteristics of excellent particle size distribution, high brightness and high weather resistance. It is recommended for high gloss and high weather resistance coatings, inks and outdoor polymer materials.

It is an anatase titanium dioxide pigment produced by a special process from sulfuric acid. Widely used in PVC pipes, interior coatings, industrial pigments, rubber, leather, polyolefins, Printing ink, plastic, paper, etc.


At the same time, the company took the lead in building a product application testing system in the industry, and formed a relatively complete product application testing system. Among them, the hue of blue-phase R838 titanium dioxide reaches the world-class level. The gloss of R838 titanium dioxide, a silicon-aluminum coated product, has surpassed other domestic silicon-aluminum coated products, and reached or even exceeded some domestic zirconium-aluminum products. Titanium dioxide for color masterbatch is recognized by customers for its high whiteness, high coverage and other indicators, the product market share has been greatly increased, and it enjoys high brand awareness and reputation at home and abroad.


Titanium dioxide manufacturer: CHTI

Reason for listing: CNNC Huayuan Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd., a well-known brand of titanium dioxide factory, started in 1989, specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of titanium dioxide products. One of the titanium dioxide enterprises producing more than 10,000 tons.

CNNC Huayuan Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company or CNNC TiO2 is a famous titanium dioxide manufacturer in China and a listed company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Its main products are high-grade rutile titanium dioxide, which are widely used in coatings, plastics, rubber, In ink, paper and other fields, it is known as “industrial monosodium glutamate”, and its application prospects are very broad.

The company was established in 1989. Its predecessor is the titanium dioxide factory, a secondary independent accounting production unit affiliated to CNNC 404. It is a high-grade rutile with an annual output of more than 10,000 tons that imported advanced foreign technology and key equipment earlier in my country. It is also a high-quality titanium dioxide supplier in my country earlier in the market. After years of development, the company now has three production bases in Jiayuguan, Gansu, Baiyin, and Maanshan, Anhui.

The annual production capacity of high-grade rutile titanium dioxide has reached more than 400,000 tons. It is one of the largest TiO2 manufacturers in China at present. It has more than ten product brands of Taiohua, Jinxing and other brands, and its products are sold in more than 50 countries and regions around the world. It has long maintained the excellent performance of the second overall ranking in the domestic titanium dioxide industry.


Titanium dioxide manufacturer: Billions

Reasons for listing: Henan Billions Chemical Co., Ltd., a well-known brand of TiO2 factory, a famous trademark in Henan Province, a listed company, a drafting unit of national and industry standards, a high-tech enterprise, advocating the implementation of clean production, focusing on titanium and zirconium fine powder A large-scale inorganic fine chemical enterprise engaged in material R&D and manufacturing.

It is a national high-tech enterprise, a national top 500 chemical enterprise, and the largest titanium dioxide exporter in China. The main products are TiO2, zirconium products, sulfuric acid and sulfate. Among them, titanium dioxide has reached 120,000 tons, and its export volume has ranked first in the country for three consecutive years. The annual production capacity of the main titanium dioxide is 600,000 tons, ranking first in Asia and fourth in the world.

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