The Trend of Titanium Dioxixde Price in April

trend of titanium dioxide price

The trend of titanium dioxide price in April

Titanium dioxide is known as the king of white pigments. It has the characteristics of high refractive index, strong achromatic power, high covering power, good dispersibility, high whiteness and non-toxicity. It is widely used in coatings, plastics, inks, paper, chemical fiber, ceramics and other industries. Among them, the amount of paint is the largest, accounting for about 57% of the total titanium dioxide. 


Titanium dioxide is an excellent white pigment with good hiding power and tinting power. It is widely used in coatings, plastics, papermaking, inks and many other fields. The research and construction of China’s titanium dioxide industry began in 1955, but the substantial development of the titanium dioxide industry began in 1998. With the continuous development of China’s titanium dioxide industry, it has become the world’s largest producer of titanium dioxide.


As of mid-April, the titanium dioxide price market has remained basically stable, and the trading market sentiment and supply-side orders are basically the same as last week, and some periods of time have slightly increased. Mainly due to the public health incident, some customers with fixed consumption are worried that logistics and transportation will be limited.


At the same time, they have prepared inventory in advance for the Qingming holiday. Therefore, most of the supply side is dealing with logistics and delivery this week, and some of them are new orders. The other part is for orders 1-2 weeks before delivery. On the whole, the shipment volume has maintained a continuous state of new and old orders, and the overall shipment status is relatively normal.


1.) Market characteristics of Tio2 Price

At present, the trading market has three characteristics: the main large-scale manufacturers have more obvious spot orders, especially the southwest production base; Due to the suspension of production for various reasons, a large number of customers are currently out of stock, and terminals are frequently looking for goods. The long-distance adjustment of goods in South China and East China is more obvious. Overall, most producers’ inventories are still not built up. 


In addition, the prices of raw materials and energy products such as titanium concentrate, sulfuric acid, sulfur, and natural gas remain high, and the cost is supported. The firm sentiment of producers is still relatively obvious. In addition, on March 31, Chemours announced that starting from May 1, the price of titanium dioxide sold in China will increase by $200/ton. It has been rising for two consecutive months, with a cumulative increase of 400 US dollars / ton, which has played a certain bullish role in the periphery of foreign manufacturers.


2) The trend of titanium dioxide price continue to grow

Tio2 Price  is at a high level, and the price of most actual orders has already exceeded the 20,000 yuan / ton mark. Although the acceptance of the high price by the terminal has improved, it is still relatively high. The cost is Alexander, and the weak sentiment is strong. In addition, after all, March overdrafted part of the demand in April, and now it is only an obvious effect of moving the library. In fact, most stockholders keep low profits and buy goods, and at the same time bear the “clamping gas” of manufacturers’ price increases and downstream purchases. In such a confrontational mood, a smooth titanium dioxide price advance may be acceptable to both producers and end users.


3) the trend of titanium dioxide price this month


This month, the domestic Tio2 price market has stabilized at a high level. It has arrived in mid-April, and the price market is relatively flat. The most exchanged spot market is logistics, mainly due to the limited logistics in East China, South China and other important areas caused by public health events. Under this situation , high shipping costs and slow timeliness is not the worst thing. In the short term, the price trend after mid-April has a serious long-short confrontation, and the market price also rises and falls.

Under the influence of multiple factors, a slightly firm high level consolidation may become an acceptable result for both supply and demand. For the specific price, please visit The actual Tio2 price is still a single negotiation based on the order, the quantity, and the form of payment.


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The company’s products have been demonstrated by well-known national experts, and the conclusion is: “technological innovation is strong, improves the performance and utilization of pigments, reduces dosage, saves resources, economic benefits, no environmental pollution, in line with national industrial promotion and development strategies”.

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