Lomon Titanium Dioxide: one of the leading TiO2 brands in China


Lomon Titanium Dioxide: one of the leading TiO2 brands in China


Sichuan Lomon Group Introduction

Sichuan Lomon Group is a national scientific and technological innovation leading enterprise, a circular economy pilot enterprise recommended by the National Development and Reform Commission, the best credit customer of the Agricultural Bank of China, a key advantageous enterprise in Sichuan, a key innovative enterprise in Sichuan Province, and an enterprise with outstanding contributions in Sichuan Province. The Enterprise Technology Center was recognized as a National Technology Center in September 2006. In 2011, it was selected as the first batch of “National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprises”.

The scale of rutile-type titanium dioxide(like Lomon titanium dioxide R996,lomon billion titanium dioxide BLR895 ) ranks among the top in China; S-Yukang is the only production supplier in the world. The products are not only sold all over the country, but also sold in dozens of countries and regions in Europe, South America, North America, Australia and Asia, and are well received by domestic and foreign users.

The group company has successively won honors such as the top 500 private enterprises in China and the top 100 enterprises in Sichuan for 10 consecutive years. Lomon Titanium Concentrate, strengthens the industry, insists on achieving environmental protection through technological innovation for a long time, maximizes benefits, closely combines independent research and development with cooperative research and development, and has nearly 100 patents.

The circular economy development model of resource recycling and utilization has been widely promoted in China; the independent innovation of titanium dioxide clean production technology has won the first prize of Sichuan Province Science and Technology Progress Award, and the technology level is leading in the world. Lomon is responsible for facing the environment; Lomon people are deeply grateful for the trust and love of all customers. It is the mission of Lomon to be the most respected enterprise!


1.Tight supply and strong exports, Lomon titanium dioxide is expected to maintain a high prosperity


In recent years, overseas production capacity has been withdrawn continuously. Except for some resumption of production, there is no visible new production capacity. Domestic production capacity will grow zero in 2022, and due to industrial policy restrictions, there will be little new production capacity in the sulfuric acid method in the future, while the chlorination method has high requirements for technology and experience, and enterprises without relevant accumulation have a large progress in putting their planned production capacity into production and reaching production. probability is slowed down.

At the same time, the export volume has grown rapidly, from 403,000 tons in 2013 to 909,000 tons in 2018, an increase of 126% in 10 years, with an average annual compound growth rate of 17.7%, and the proportion of exports has also increased from 20.6% to 37.2%. Tight supply combined with strong exports, high prosperity is expected to maintain.


2.The moat that runs through the whole industry chain, the industry leader has a significant competitive advantage


The company’s production capacity ranks first in Asia and fourth in the world. The company has resources upstream (the acquisition of Lomon Titanium has a capacity of 1 million tons/year of titanium concentrate), chlorination technology in the midstream, and market and pricing power in the downstream (it has led the industry to increase prices twice in 2022), the industry leader The status is matched with the moat that runs through the entire industry chain, which will significantly benefit from the high economic cycle.


3.Chlorination method and its raw material guarantee technology lead the development direction of China’s titanium industry

With the support of many years of technology and experience in the first phase of the chlorination process, the company has a strong certainty of successful trial production of 200,000 tons per year in the second phase. At the same time, the upgrading and conversion of titanium concentrate under construction into titanium chloride slag project can not only improve the self-sufficiency rate and profitability of its own raw materials, but also have great significance for breaking the raw material bottleneck of domestic chlorination technology.


4. Titanium dioxide Lonmon Price warning

The price of lomon titanium dioxide has risen sharply, the export demand has risen sharply, and the supply of chlorinated titanium dioxide may not be able to meet the demand.



5.TItanium dioxide of Lomon brand 

1) Lomon Titanium Dioxide R996

lonmon titanium dioxide R996 is white powder. soft, odorless and tasteless white powder with strong covering power and tinting power, melting point 1560~1580℃. Insoluble in water, dilute inorganic acid, organic solvent, oil, slightly soluble in alkali, soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid.

It turns yellow when heated and turns white when cooled. Rutile type (R type) density 4.26g/cm3, refractive index 2.72. R-type Lomon titanium dioxide has the characteristics of good weather resistance, water resistance and not easy to yellow, but the whiteness is slightly worse. Anatase type (A type) has a density of 3.84g/cm3 and a refractive index of 2.55. A-type titanium dioxide has poor light resistance and weathering resistance, but has good whiteness. In recent years, it has been found that nano-scale ultra-fine titanium dioxide (usually 10-50 nm) has semiconductor properties, and has high stability, high transparency, high activity and high dispersibility.

Lomon Titanium Dioxide R996 can be used in paint, ink, plastic, rubber, paper, chemical fiber and other industries; used in welding rods, refining titanium and manufacturing titanium dioxide Titanium dioxide (nanoscale) is widely used in white inorganic pigments such as functional ceramics, catalysts, cosmetics and photosensitive materials. It has the strongest tinting strength among white pigments, with good hiding power and color fastness, and is suitable for opaque white products.

The titanium dioxide lomon r996 is especially suitable for plastic products for outdoor use, which can endow the products with good light stability. Anatase type is mainly used for indoor use products, but with a slight blue light, high whiteness, high hiding power, strong tinting power and good dispersion. Titanium dioxide lomon brand is widely used as a pigment for paint, paper, rubber, plastic, enamel, glass, cosmetics, ink, watercolor and oil paint, and can also be used in metallurgy, radio, ceramics, welding rods.



2) Lomon billion titanium dioxide BLR-895

Lomon billion titanium dioxide BLR-895 is a paint grade lomon titanium dioxide pigment produced by the chlorination process. Recommended for use in a variety of coating applications. The product has excellent whiteness, excellent dispersion, high hiding power, high gloss and high weather resistance. Can be widely used in indoor and outdoor water-based and solvent-based coatings. And It is a rutile titanium dioxide pigment produced by the chloride process. Its high hiding power and very blue hue allow natural colored resins to produce bright whites at low dosages.


3)About the lomon billion titanium dioxide by chlorination method

In the world, there are only two process technologies for the production of titanium dioxide, the sulfuric acid method and the chlorination method, but the prices of the finished products produced by the two differ by several thousand (per ton). Titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method is not only low in value, but also has a narrow use. Titanium dioxide is mainly used in the production of coatings (about 60%). Among them, automotive paints, exterior wall coatings, etc. can only use chlorinated titanium dioxide, and interior wall coatings with poor weather resistance use sulfuric acid products.

Advantages of Lomon Billion titanium dioxide (by chlorination method)?

  • The three wastes are less. The chlorination method produces about 1 ton of waste per ton of product, which is much smaller than that of the sulfuric acid method;
  •  Less air pollution. The gas discharged by the chlorination method can meet the atmospheric emission requirements through recycling or incineration;
  • The product quality is good. The rutile type produced by the chloride method has a controllable particle size and uniform distribution; the sulfuric acid method is mainly composed of anatine type titanium dioxide, which needs to be roasted to obtain rutile type titanium dioxide products, with rough particles and uneven distribution, which is difficult to meet the high-grade product needs;
  • The chlorination method is a continuous production process, which is easy for industrial production. However, the chlorination method also has its weaknesses, mainly due to the complex device, high risk and high operational requirements. The production of chlorination method in the world is on the rise, and the newly built enterprises abroad in the 1990s basically use the chlorination method.


Jinan Hongquan Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. https://www.greatspringchem.com/is located in Jinan, a beautiful spring city. The company’s scientific research personnel sincerely cooperate with well-known domestic universities and various titanium dioxide production enterprises to study and produce active titanium dioxide pigments with great concentration. Some of its products have been widely used in chemical, textile, paper, plastic, paint and other production fields.


The company’s products (like Brand Lomon titanium dioxide) have been demonstrated by well-known national experts, and the conclusion is: “technological innovation is strong, improves the performance and utilization of pigments, reduces dosage, saves resources, economic benefits, no environmental pollution, in line with national industrial promotion and development strategies”

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